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Lamasa is a Spanish kitchen craft. It is similar to working with sugar dough as in icing and cake decorations. Lamasa form of art is used to design various beautiful articles like name plates, photo frames, hearts, wreaths, flowers, baskets and so on. With creativity and effort we can make wonderful things with dough. Dough is nothing but a mixture of plain flour, salt and water. This dough can be used to create beautiful decorations.

The decorations can be painted with vibrant colours or left as it is . It can be hung, threaded with a ribbon from a hole made at the top of the figure or just glued with the ribbon at the back. The options are many ...

Kala-Kriti uses this simple yet beautiful art to make various utility product line. They will surely lend an artistic look to your homes & offices.

* Mobile Phone Stand

* Napkin Holders

* Curtain Holders

* Doli Bangle Box

* Pen decorations

* Serving Tray

* Decorative Mirror

* Name Plates

* All articles mentioned in Papier Machie


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